Thinking about filling up a bath, paddling pool, or maybe even an actual swimming pool with orbeez (aka water beads)? The answer is different depending on the quantity you need.

It’s important to remember that orbeez is a brand name so you’ll have to buy water beads, which are the generic version of the same product.

Note: Be aware that some suppliers will overestimate the number of beads in a packet.

Where can I Buy 10,000 Orbeez?

Ten thousand orbeez aren’t a lot. If you’re in a rush then check out Amazon as you can get 10,000 for less than $10. If you’re not in a rush, then try eBay or Aliexpress, which are cheaper but slower options. Be aware that these other two marketplaces will have sellers who might promise 10,000 but then only deliver half that!

Where can I Buy 100,000 Orbeez?

You could get this quantity from Amazon too. Expect to pay $25 or so. As before, if you’re not in a rush then try eBay or Aliexpress.

Where can I Buy 1,000,000 Orbeez?

A reasonably decent quantity! For one million orbeez, you might want to try going direct to a Chinese supplier (most water beads are made in China). You won’t be able to deal with a manufacturer as this amount is relatively small.

You could try DHGate, Alibaba, or sticking with Aliexpress.

Note: If you require them very quickly then your best bet is still Amazon, but you should expect to pay quite bit for this quantity.

Where can I Buy 10,000,000 Orbeez?

Ten million orbeez. Now that is a lot. You should definitely be looking to order from Alibaba.

This quantity could be shipped by air freight, or by sea freight (10 million will easily on a single pallet). But, the cost would probably work out to be about the same so it’s better to go with the faster air freight option.

Where Can I Buy 100,000,000 Orbeez?

This is a huge quantity. You should be looking at dealing direct with a manufacturer (see Alibaba) and shipping by sea freight. One hundred million Orbeez will require more than one pallet as the weight will be over one tonne (more than 1000KG or 2200LBS).

Where can I Buy Orbeez For Resale?

Well, the word orbeez is actually trademarked, so you’ll actually only be able to get water beads.

If you’re looking to buy for resale then Alibaba is definitely the right way to go. Most of the water beads sold on Amazon by reputable US brands are actually just made in China and packaged differently.

You can buy packets in any size you like, so long as you’re willing to buy enough. You should expect to have to order a minimum of about 100KG (220 pounds) of water beads. The Chinese supplier/manufacturer will then package them as you like (2oz size bags are quite popular) and ship them to you.

Note: 2oz bags should cost you about $0.50 each in bulk. Larger bags will cost more, but the price is not linear with the quantity. For example, a 4oz bag might cost $0.90.

You should get a design sorted beforehand as this will go on the packets and help you differentiate your product. A custom design might add 15 cents or so to each packet.

Then you must take into consideration the cost of freight and duty once the product enters your country. This can vary considerably depending on where you live.

Some Helpful Tips

  • Make sure you check the size of the water beads (orbeez) you’re purchasing. There are a number of different sizes available for sale and the most popular size tends to be slightly less than 1/2 inch in size (about 11mm) once hydrated.
  • Be aware that sellers may dishonestly note the quantity. This is more common with Chinese suppliers. You should also check the weight and compare the weight with other suppliers.
  • When ordering in bulk from Alibaba you should ensure your supplier is legitimate. Always ensure your order has ‘Trade Assurance’ and pay for your order with your card (and not wire transfer).
  • Shipping from overseas via air freight is very simple. Shipping from overseas via sea freight is more complicated – you may require extra permits, import codes etc. You may also need a freight forwarder in China as well as one in your own country. You will need a customs agent too.
  • The rainbow mix of water beads is the most popular type. Important to note if you’re looking to resell.

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